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Sam Wells

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Sam Wells

Age: 19

What’s the best way to spend a Saturday in Fort McMurray?
Making dinner with my mom and hanging out with all our cats. There’s a lot of cats!

Sam Wells is in her second year of Engineering at the University of British Columbia - Okanagan Campus, but Fort McMurray is her home. Her family moved to Fort McMurray when Sam was only two-years-old. She loves this community and she shows it when she talks about it.

During her life in Fort McMurray, Sam volunteered at the Wood Buffalo Food Bank, the SPCA, and other organizations. She was very active in several school groups including helping to found the region’s first Gay-Straight Alliance at Westwood Community High School. Sam says that her parents were the ones that encouraged her to pursue these things. They were always there to encourage her to be the best version of herself, and to give back to others in any way she can. This influence still helps Sam now as she moves into more of a leadership role in University.

Sam doesn’t know what the future holds for her. For now, she is really focusing on finishing her education, and when she does, she will be out in the world. She is hopeful that she will get the opportunity to bring her professional skills back to the city that raised her. As much as she would love to come back to Fort McMurray, Sam also knows that she can’t say no to work in other cities. Growing up in Fort McMurray taught her to be adventurous and to take opportunities as they come, and that is what she will do. “This is my hometown. No matter where I go or what I do, it always will be the place I grew up. And I’m glad it was.”