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Natalie Kemeny

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Natalie Kemeny

Age: 48

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
Treat others as you wish to be treated.

There are not many business leaders who advocate for giving their services away, but that is sort of what Natalie Kemeny does with her staff at Printing Unlimited. Printing Unlimited partners with many nonprofit organizations in our community to provide print sponsorships for different events. Natalie understands that printing can be expensive and budgets are extremely tight for these nonprofits, so she is eager to help wherever she can.

Natalie has gotten very familiar with the nonprofit sector in our community since she moved here in January 2016, around three months before the May 3rd evacuation. Natalie describes that day as the day that “this community became completely united.” Even though Natalie and her family were brand new to town (her husband and son arrived in Fort McMurray earlier that day - on May 3rd!) complete strangers stepped up to help them and others. Natalie and her family could have turned the car around and head back to Windsor, Ontario, but they didn’t. Instead, they dug their boots in deeper.

On top of Printing Unlimited’s work with nonprofit organizations like the Fort McMurray SPCA, the Local HERO Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Wood Buffalo Food Bank, Natalie is a committed volunteer outside of work. Since arriving in 2016, Natalie has been the Vice Chair of the Fort McMurray SPCA Board of Directors, and sits on many subcommittees at the SPCA. Due to this work, Natalie was recently awarded the Newcomer Engagement Award at the 2018 Heart of Wood Buffalo Leadership Awards. Natalie was recognized as a new resident of the region who became quickly and deeply involved in the betterment of our community through exceptional leadership, commitment, and volunteer work.

Like many people, Natalie came to Fort McMurray with a plan: Come here, work, go home. That plan changed very quickly. Now Natalie says, “I don’t know when I would leave, or why I would leave. I love Fort McMurray,” and she shows it in the work she does here.