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Marc Fortais

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Marc Fortais

Age: 47

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
It is okay to make mistakes. What matters most is what you do with what you have learned. To lead is to encourage people by allowing them room to fail, and therefore room to grow.

For 23 years Marc Fortais has dedicated his life to serving in the public sector. The 47-year-old played a major role in the 2016 Wildfire Recovery Task Force; now he is the Director of Public Works for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Marc is the proud dad to two kids, Caleb Fortais, age 22, is a resident of Fort McMurray and a millwright apprentice for Clearstream, and Calie Fortais, age 10 who loves competitive dance.

It was the 2016 Wildfire experience that really imprinted on Marc’s memory. “The sense of community and how that strengthened the response to the wildfire, and the ongoing recovery of the region really impacted me,” he shares. “I truly have had an opportunity to work with some amazing and dedicated people.”

For Marc, being a part of the community means engaging in understanding the history and the culture within the community, as well as making positive contributions to the future sustainability of the region. And it’s that sustainability that is required to fulfill his hopes for the future. “I want to ensure that future generations such as my son and daughter have a place to be successful; to raise a family and continue to experience the strong sense of community that we enjoy now.

“Fort McMurray is a place that welcomes everyone, and encourages you to stay true to your own beliefs. It accepts your individuality while encouraging you to be a part of our region.”