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Liam Mojique Legault

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Liam Mojique Legault

Age: 36

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Don’t rush to get old.

You’ve most likely seen Liam Mojique Legault’s art around Fort McMurray. The recent recipient of the Arts Council Wood Buffalo 2018 Visual Arts award, he is a full-time artist and entrepreneur, and Artist in Residence at several schools. His murals, graffiti art, textiles, and paintings all contribute to the beauty of our region.

Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Liam has created and exhibited his works throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe, drawing inspiration from street art, pop art, and abstraction, and has recently forayed into textiles.

Volunteering his time at Walter & Gladys Hill Public School, the Wood Buffalo Firefighters Rooftop Campout, and various live music events in the region, Liam has impacted the Wood Buffalo arts community, and the community as a whole.

“The community has embraced me,” Liam says, “so I’m trying to give back as much as possible.”

Liam describes himself as both obsessive and methodical, planning his time and his projects with purpose, championing the importance of good business strategies and intentional learning. “But when creation takes hold,” he says, “it’s a different mode of being. I’m looking within, looking to make some peace and beauty out of chaos and darkness. The bottom line is, whatever you create has to come from you.”