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Krista Kemp

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Krista Kemp

Age: 33

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Don’t believe in luck; believe in hard work. You’re not a lottery ticket.

Growing up in the Okanogan Valley of British Columbia in a family of five, Krista spent a lot of time outdoors skiing, snowboarding, and enjoying water sports. Krista’s parents were entrepreneurs, both running their own businesses. “My parents always encouraged us to work hard, and taught us the value of a dollar. They instilled a great work ethic in us, and I am thankful for that.” That work ethic is what helped Krista move to Fort McMurray in 2008 and then open up her own clinic, Allure Medi Spa in 2011.

“When you own your own business, staying motivated is tricky, so you are always trying to pull energy from the people you surround yourself with.” Dr. Loretta Roberts at Allure helps Krista do this every day. She is constantly educating herself, and that has inspired Krista to do the same. They both consistently take courses and learn new skills to improve their business and themselves.

Krista’s clients, and the difference she can make in their lives, also keeps her motivated. “I try to make an impact on each and every client I see at our clinic. From young teens suffering with insecurities that come with acne, to burn and scar victims. I love to be a part of rebuilding their confidence and getting their self-esteem back. I find this part of my career very rewarding and often overlooked in the cosmetic industry.”