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Ken Sandmoen

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Ken Sandmoen

Age: 43

What is your favourite movie?
Stand By Me

When Ken Sandmoen was young, he looked up to sports heroes. Ken played hockey, baseball, football, and was an avid swimmer. He saw the dedication and hard work that those athletes put in, and it inspired him to do the same.

Now Ken is still inspired by the successful people he owners and community members. He recognizes that success does not happen by accident. That it takes a lifetime of behind-the-scenes work to get where you want to be.

This strong work ethic is what drives Ken as General Manager for AlumaSafway, and as Community Campaign Chair with United Way of Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo. He knows that without putting in hard work and long hours the community won’t have all they need to give everyone the opportunity to be successful. “We look out for each other up here - I could be in that situation one day and I want to do my part to make sure people get the help they need.”

“Fort McMurray has a negative perception in other places, and it is undeserved. This place is gorgeous and the activities we have here are unparalleled.” Ken says there is a sense of family and ownership in Fort McMurray. “We help each other and welcome each other. Most of our community is from somewhere else but we all welcome each other here. We are people who rally to get things done and help.” Ken works hard to contribute to this community and will continue to do just that, because he loves to live here and see Fort McMurray thrive.