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Karla Buffalo

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Age: 41

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
It is important to know your history and culture. It paves the path of your future.

Chief Executive Officer of Athabasca Tribal Council, Karla Buffalo, has spent much of her life in the region. But in 2001, the now 41-year-old permanently moved to Fort McMurray, where she passionately serves our Indigenous communities.

“Fort McMurray is a culturally-diverse community,” says Karla. “It has a rich history of Indigenous Cree, DenО and MОtis cultures and language which enrich all the communities in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.”

It is the safety and the family-oriented sense of community that makes Karla proud to call Wood Buffalo home.

She is involved with the Northern Alberta Development Council, and the Higher Health Doula Cooperative, and raises loves raising her children near family and their Cree and DenО heritage.

“I love raising my family in Fort McMurray,” says Karla. “I think that the opportunities it presents to my children are unique.

“My hope for the future of Fort McMurray is that it will continue to support its diversity of cultures, and the range of children and family programs,” she says. “We need to continue to build the image that Fort McMurray is a family-oriented community that supports diversity, including their Indigenous cultures.