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Justin Shaw

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Justin Shaw

Age: 27

What is your favourite local restaurant?
STACS. The whole staff greets me with so much love every time I walk in, and I know I’m not the only person who feels that way.

When you hear Justin Shaw’s name, you may think of the person who teaches your kids’ drama class; the person who entertained you as a stand-up comic; the person leading social media and fundraising initiatives to break the stigma around mental health; the person dawning a Newfoundlander accent for Salt-Water Moon at Heritage Shipyard; the person working with the RMWB’s Artist in Residency; the person goofing around in a clown nose; the person hustling around Fort McMurray motivating a community of theatre artists. Because when it comes to 27-year-old Justin Shaw, there’s no one way to classify him.

It’s that tendency to be so multi-faceted that made Justin feel right at home in Fort McMurray. When asked what being a part of the community means to him, he says, “It means you’re on the ground floor of building a community - a strong network of support that offers you opportunities you may not find anywhere else. It’s been established for decades, but the people here work like they are constantly building and growing.”

The Prince Edward Island-native has been in Fort McMurray for two years, and works both as the Artistic Director of Theatre; Just Because, and in events and marketing for Some Other Solutions.

Justin brings passion to everything he does, and his passion is infectious. “My hope is that in the future, those of us who share common goals and objectives in the region can one day find each other and work together.”