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Jonathan Lambert

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Jonathan Lambert

Age: 44

Who is your hero?
My father

Jonathan Lambert is passionate about Sport. He is the Director of Athletics, Sports and Student Wellness at Keyano College, and has been involved in sports his entire life.

Known in his childhood community in Newfoundland as “the kid with the basketball”, basketball was Jonathan’s life growing up. “It became a part of who I was, and then evolved into a love of the game,” he says, “which turned me from a player to a coach.”

Now 44-years-old, Jonathan believes in the importance of Sport to individuals, families, and communities. A teacher by trade, he became a Public School Board Trustee after stepping away from the teaching profession, and plans to continue to advocate for proper educational funding for students in our region’s schools.

When asked what issues he’d tackle in Wood Buffalo, it’s clear that Jonathan has a heart for the future of our community. “I’d ensure there is proper funding so all youth in our community can enjoy the sport that they love. I’d also take on the negative issues our youth are dealing with on a daily basis in our schools and in their homes. And I’d advocate for proper funding for all schools so our children can have all the support they need to foster their individual needs and skills.”

Having lived in Fort McMurray for 13 years, Jonathan hopes the community will continue to shed its negative stigma. “I hope that people living here or looking to move here will realize how beautiful our city really is. It’s a great place to live and to raise a family.”