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Isaac van Nie

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Isaac van Nie

Age: 38

What is the best way to spend a Saturday in Fort McMurray?
With friends and family...too many great venues to mention just one.

Thirty-eight-year-old Isaac van Nie has lived all around the world, but in the fall of 2017, he moved here permanently as the General Manager of Wood Buffalo Brewing Co.

For Isaac, being a part of the community means being humble enough to ask for help, and giving back as much as you can. And giving back is something does...a lot.

An integral part of the annual Fort McMurray Food Festival, Isaac gives much of his time and energy through the brewpub as a sponsor of the McMurray Knights, Monarchs Football, and Keyano College. He also commits time to the United Way, as well as fundraisers such as the recent Rock 4 Layla fundraiser.

Isaac describes Fort McMurray as having a rough exterior with a kind heart, and it’s that notion of a kind heart that he takes seriously. It’s important to Isaac that people have a great time in their personal time, and that’s evident in his commitment to hospitality at the brewpub.

The best advice Isaac ever received was to always focus on the positive, and his hope for the future is a clear example that he does exactly that. “Our community spirit is incredible and unparalleled. In the future, I hope that we’ll no longer be divided by geography.”