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Fraser O’Neill

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Fraser O’Neill

Age: 33

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Choice, not chance determines destiny.

Fraser O’Neill is a firefighter, a paramedic, and a refined athlete. A resident of Fort McMurray for more than eight years, he loves the community; on his days off you’ll find him spending time with his two boys doing something active in and around the region.

As a member of the Fort McMurray Fire Department’s FireFit Team, the 33-year-old has competed for nine seasons, winning nine National Championships. The team was reestablished in 2010 by Fraser and a colleague/friend of his. “We wanted to create a program that shines a positive light on Fort McMurray...something for the city and department to be proud of,” he says. “We’ve been able to build this program into an International and National powerhouse in both the Men’s and Women’s categories.”

Fraser shares his passion for the FireFit program through the Fort McMurray Mega Boyz and Girl Power program where fitness and an active lifestyle is promoted amongst local Grade 6 students. “The day is dedicated to the boys and girls,” he shares. “Our FireFit team puts together a simulated course as a station the kids can choose.”

For Fraser, being hired by the Fort McMurray Fire Department is what stands out as the highlight of his time so far in Fort McMurray. “I appreciate the opportunities that the Fort McMurray Fire Department and the City of Fort McMurray as a whole has given my family and I over the years,” he says.