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Elizabeth Priest

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Elizabeth Priest

Age: 27

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Work hard, be kind, fight for what you believe in, and stay true to who you are. Oh, and don’t forget to hydrate!

Raised on a farm outside St. Pierre, Manitoba, 27-year-old Elizabeth Priest came to Fort McMurray two years ago, and is the news director and morning show co-host for Harvard Broadcasting.

It took Elizabeth only 24 hours after arriving in Fort McMurray to realize that she made the right decision moving here. “It is unlike any other community in the country,” shares Elizabeth. “It’s so much more than a headline. It’s a strong dynamic place, filled with caring, generous, and passionate people.”

Over the past two years, Elizabeth has striven to be an active volunteer in the community. She has volunteered her time as an assistant ambassador chair for the 2018 Wood Buffalo Alberta Winter Games, volunteered at the SPCA, at the Wood Buffalo Food Bank food drives, and worked with the Institute for Canadian Citizenship hosting a roundtable discussion for Fort McMurray residents preparing to become Canadian citizens.

Spirited and energetic, Elizabeth is a true champion for the region, striving to showcase what the RMWB has to offer, and the endless opportunities it provides. “Being a part of this community means banding together, and helping out in any way I can,” she says. “No matter what is thrown at this community, it always bounces back stronger. My hope is Fort McMurray continues to grow, and remains a great place for people to succeed and raise families.”