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Dhruv Patel

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Dhruv Patel

Age: 18

Who is your hero?
Chamath Palihapitiya

Dhruv Patel is going to do amazing things in his future. It isn’t hard to see that based on all that he has already done. Dhruv was born in India and is currently a student at The University of Waterloo in Ontario, but Fort McMurray is still his home.

When still in Fort McMurray, Dhruv was a part of the Mayor’s Advisory Council on Youth. MACOY is a council of some of the most influential youth in our region. The students get together to work on fixing issues in our region. They brainstorm solutions to issues and work on projects that improve our community. Dhruv really enjoyed “getting in touch with the organizations we have in Fort McMurray and working with them to do amazing work.”

Dhruv has always been drawn to technology. He loves building mini circuits. Together with some fellow classmates, and staff leadership, Dhruv was a co-founder of YouthComputing. YouthComputing uses computer science to empower youth, advocate STEM, provide education and promote innovation throughout Alberta. The group does this by holding conferences, events, workshops, and competitions throughout Alberta to encourage and support youth in computer sciences.

Dhruv loves being a member of the Fort McMurray community. “It means being a part of something special, and something so indescribably lovely that just can’t be matched due to geographical location, something that goes beyond that, something that makes me feel like I belong.”

As Dhruv continues his education, his ultimate goal is to end up working in the social profit sector. “I feel that I have a social responsibility to give whatever knowledge I gain back into the social profit sector.” And with all this opportunity at Dhruv’s fingertips, he hopes to one day be back in Fort McMurray.

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