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Dan Edwards

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Dan Edwards

Age: 35

Favourite Movie
Love Actually

Executive Director of the Wood Buffalo Food Bank, Dan Edwards, moved to Fort McMurray in 2009 to work in the social profit sector. Now 35, he credits his work for allowing him to grow in his career while also developing an understanding of those facing challenges in our community, and in our country as a whole.

When asked how he’d like to be remembered, Dan says, “as that guy.”

“I have been working in this wonderful community for the past 11 years, and while I may not have been a standout presence at times, those who know me well know that I don’t help to be recognized,” he explains. “I just want to help because that is what is needed, and it is within my ability to do so.”

His move into the Executive Director role is relatively new, but he has kept some important philosophies in place: Say yes, and figure it out later; enjoy the little things; just keep swimming.

Dan feels his new understanding has enabled him to share his knowledge in his personal networks, and impact how others see Food Banks and their role in communities. He finds working with clients deeply satisfying, particularly by showing kindness particularly with those who may feel hopeless...especially children.

This feeling translates into his hope for the future of Fort McMurray, too. “I hope for an even greater sense of community that is here to support each other through the good times, along with the bad,” says Dan. “Being a part of this community means being just a small twinkle in a magnitude of brilliant stars working to make this a wonderful place to call home.”