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Chris Wilson

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Chris Wilson

Age: 42

What is the best way to spend a Saturday in Fort McMurray?
Sleep in, an afternoon walk in the Birchwood Trails system, family BBQ, and evening fire around the firepit with family and friends.

Chris Wilson was born and raised in Fort McKay, and 42 years later still calls it home.

As the owner and CEO of Birch Mountain Enterprises, he is an avid sponsor of organizations within our region - both non-profit and for-profit organizations, and it’s easy to figure out why he’s such a passionate supporter.

Chris loves Wood Buffalo. Calling it a great community with a big history and culture, he sees Fort McMurry as a city that opens its heart to those in need, and as a great place to raise a family.

So great, in fact, he started his own family here, sharing the memories of growing up in Fort McKay; having access to the wilderness, and all the hunting, fishing, and trapping any youth could wish for.

Calling his parents his heroes, Chris knows the hard work required to raise a family, and it’s that willingness to do the hard work that has contributed to his success in our region. “You can accomplish so much in life when you stop thinking about it or contemplating doing it,” he says. “Just do it.”

Chris’ passion for supporting our local region extends to his hope for the future. He would like to see continued infrastructure growth, bringing all the big-city amenities to our region so that people can support local and not have to travel outside the region to find what they need.

“Considering that I was born and raised here, and started my own family here,” he says, “I am very proud to continue to call this place home.”