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Carmen Wells

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Carmen Wells

Age: 45

What is your favourite local restaurant?
Hu’s Pizza is the best pizza ever, anywhere!

Carmen Wells embodies the spirit of giving back to your community. She will honestly and earnestly say that she is “very lucky to have become part of this community… Fort McMurray has given so much to me, the McMurray Métis has given so much to me. I think it’s important to give back where you can.” It is one of the driving forces behind her community work.

The work she does to give back in the community does not go unnoticed. Carmen was on the Arts Council Wood Buffalo as the Métis Constituent for about four years, and has now been elected onto the temporary board for the Nistawoyou Friendship Centre, and the Council for the Papaschase Association. Being part of the Métis community in Fort McMurray is inspiring for Carmen. The people she interacts with are amazing, happy, and interesting people. “They roll with the punches, and their resiliency is inspiring. They inspire me to help the community continue to grow.” Carmen is a strong advocate for Métis people, working to bring Métis issues into focus, and spread awareness wherever possible.

Spending time with an Elder on the trapline and learning how to trap was an extremely valuable experience for Carmen, and it is one that influenced her in many ways. Carmen feels that protecting the rights of Métis people, maintaining these practices for their nation, while minimizing impacts on the environment is one of the most important things our community needs to focus on. Carmen hopes that Fort McMurray continues to grow into a welcoming place for everyone that would like to take the chance on living here. She firmly believes that this is a do-it-yourself-town, and that if we continue to work together we can get things done.