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Brandon Breitkreuz

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Brandon Breitkreuz

Age: 31

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
“You should listen to The Beach Boys sometimes.”

Brandon’s smile is contagious. The attitude he brings to every conversation is nothing but positive. That energy and positivity are what has helped Brandon Breitkreuz develop strong relationships and a successful business in our region - Eco Bike Taxi. Brandon knew he hit the nail on the head with Eco Bike Taxi when he started being recognized as the owner. While casually shopping for groceries he was stopped and asked, “Are you Mr. Eco Bike?”

If you haven’t heard of Eco Bike Taxi, I can assure you it is unlike any other taxi in Fort McMurray. If you give him a call, Brandon will pick up you and a guest in a bright green wagon, with brilliant LED lights, blasting the latest tunes, and bike you home. It is the most fun and affordable way to get around in Fort McMurray. Eco Bike Taxi was born from a combined love of cycling and a need to curb personal consumption. Brandon has always been an avid cyclist and wants to show everyone in Fort McMurray that it is possible to cycle here. He is hopeful that in the future, Fort McMurray can be a community making better consumer choices with regards to personal carbon emission.

Although we may need to improve our consumption habits, the fact that Brandon had the opportunity to start this business and be successful is why he loves Wood Buffalo. “If you are here and you want to accomplish something you can do that. Everyone in this city is hustling and working hard. We are all trying to make things better, and make dreams come true.”