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Angela Woods

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Angela Woods

Age: 39

Who is your hero?
My real life earth angel, my brother in law, Andrew Woods. He donated a kidney to me, which saved my life. He will forever be my hero.

Angela Woods was born and raised in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. In 2008, she came to visit her sister who was living in Fort McMurray and working at the Fort McMurray Public School District (FMPSD), and was lucky enough to go back with a job offer. She saw the potential opportunities in Fort McMurray, and took the chance to move.

From a very early age, Angela knew that her calling was helping others. Angela’s mother and father were both educators. She saw the opportunities for personal and professional growth in the field and she was inspired to be like them. Unfortunately, Angela was diagnosed with kidney failure at a young age. She went through dialysis, and had a transplant at 16. Through this process, she met a lot of helpful caring people. Having such close interactions with educators and health care professionals, Angela knew she had to do something to help youth.

In addition to being the Vice Principal of Dr. KA Clark School, Angela spends a lot of her free time supporting the community. She has been a member of 100 Hearts of Halos for two years, has been a supporter of the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer for seven years (along with her husband), is a strong organ donor awareness advocate, and is the leader of First Nations, Metis, Inuit Student Advisory Council for FMPSD. She has recently become a member of the Regional Aboriginal Recognition Awards Committee and the Traditional Celebration of Achievement committee.

Angela says that the best thing about Fort McMurray is the diversity in the community, and within that, the support. “We are dynamic and inclusive, and everyone is welcome here. You can come to Fort McMurray from anywhere and can feel safe, secure and supported.”

She is looking forward to staying involved in the community, and including her entire family in what she does. She is encouraging her children to be good community members and teaching them to give back as well.