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Andrew Dizon

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Andrew Dizon

Age: 46

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Patience is a virtue. Life is good; be happy all the time!

Andrew Dizon has called Fort McMurray home for 11 years. He is the successful salon owner and hair stylist at Cool Blondes, but this was a career path that once seemed impossible.

Born in a predominantly conservative Catholic country, and growing up under a two-decade dictatorship, being gay was not easy, and being a stylist was not a choice that Andrew could make. But his sister, who he calls his inspiration and salvation, encouraged and sponsored his education in Hair Science. She was the one who saw his potential and pushed him towards a career in hair, and his mom, who although she didn’t necessarily encourage him being gay, accepted him for who he was.

It was this support and encouragement that set Andrew on the path to becoming one of Fort McMurray’s most gifted hair stylists. When he first arrived as a foreign worker, Andrew’s greatest fear was that he would face racism, but as time went on, he realized that people were not judging based on skin colour, or accent, but on the competence and passion that he was bringing to his career.

The warm acceptance that Andrew has experienced in Fort McMurray has nurtured his love for the community. “I love Fort McMurray,” he says. “It’s a small city, but the people are friendly and loving. I’ve felt so welcome since day one.”

The church is a big part of who Andrew is. When asked who his hero is, Jesus Christ is his answer, and when spending a Saturday his favourite way, you’ll find Andrew at St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church.

With a passion for supporting the community, Andrew has a special place in his heart for the elderly. He has dreams of continuing to help the seniors of our region, and at-risk women, as well as expanding Cool Blondes into other areas of Alberta.