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Andrew Boutilier

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Andrew Boutilier

Age: 42

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Work hard, be humble, treat people with respect, and never forget where you came from.

Andrew Boutilier was born in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia and moved to Fort McMurray at the bright young age of one. Andrew commends his parents for making that move; to pack up and move across the country with three young boys would have been very difficult, but it set them all up for success.

All his life Andrew was very involved in sports. He credits his coaches for helping him learn valuable skills like having pride in the community, and being deeply invested through volunteerism. After finishing playing, Andrew moved into coaching. He spent much of his young adult life coaching hockey. He coached at many different levels all the way up to the Fort McMurray Oil Barons and was even President of that organization for many years.

He pays for this love of sports now, when either he or his wife is taking one of their kids to their daily activity. Hockey, figure skating, dance, and swimming are the current task, but Andrew wouldn’t have it any other way. “We are facility-rich here,” he explains. “The fact that kids in this region have all these opportunities is amazing.”

Andrew is very proud of the people in his life. He will be the first to tell you how great his team at CEDA is. They are just about to start their United Way campaign, and he is excited to see where they take it. Andrew also sits on the Wood Buffalo Economic Development Council, and the Board of Directors for the Northern Lights Health Foundation. Andrew believes that the people of Fort McMurray are young, vibrant, caring, and giving because he sees it every day.