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Alethea Austin

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Alethea Austin

Age: 41

What’s the best way to spend a Saturday in Fort McMurray?
At MacDonald Island, taking in the activities or trade shows and enjoying the water park with my family. Also getting a massage at Achieve Wellness Spa ;)

Local business owner and mother of two, Alethea Austin, is a part of a long list of community organizations. She is an active board member of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo’s Subdivision and Appeals Board (SDAB), the Alberta Provincial Community and Social Services Panel as well as the Chair for the Parent Advisory Committee for Christina Gordon Public School. On top of those organizations, Alethea is also Vice Chair for the Board of Directors of the Leading Spas of Canada, and an Ambassador for the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce with her local business Achieve Wellness Spa.

Unfortunately, Alethea was in a car accident that involved a lot of physiotherapy to get her healthy again. This is where her love for medicine found its place. Alethea continued school and received degrees in both psychology and physiotherapy. This drive to help people brought Alethea to Fort McMurray where she began working with students with disabilities during the day, and running her adult practice in the evenings.

Over time, her career evolved, and today Alethea owns and operates two locations of Achieve Wellness Spa. Achieve provides quality health and wellness care to the residents of Fort McMurray, and recently won The Gold Star Award for Personal Services Business of the Year from the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce.

Alethea credits her business prowess to her upbringing. Growing up in a small town, her parents were not ones to coddle. They taught her to have big goals and to go achieve them. This hardworking disposition fits well in Fort McMurray. Alethea loves the “young, vibrant, ambitious population... If you are willing to work hard you can go so many places here.” Today, her goal is to continue growing her business and her family in Fort McMurray - her home.

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