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William “Farva” Hearn

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“The best thing about Fort McMurray is the love for the community and the people in it.”

Sometimes someone deserves to be honoured for making this world a better place, and that someone, in this instance, is Will Hearn. Will organizes the Keyano Alumni soccer match every year, but his most important job is as the barman to the community.

After the fire, the East Village Pub was the first bar to open and in this first few weeks it was wall-to-wall with the returnees. EVP became a second home to some. Just like in the TV show Cheers, sometimes you want to be where everybody knows your name. And where Will is.

Will Hearn is their best bartender/bar manager bar none. He is part of the team honoured by the Chamber of Commerce when East Village Pub won the Business of the Year. Born in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Will has been in Fort McMurray since 2005. “I found a job doing what I love, and I just kept on doing it,” he told us. “EVP is like a family.”

You’ll find Will behind the bar most nights at East Village. “The best nights are the weekends, with the live music. And the charity nights.” EVP’s latest fundraiser collected nearly $8,000, testament both to the clientele and the hard-working staff. And what does he think is his proudest accomplishment? “I love my work, and I love trying to help people. I especially love doing the Christmas dinners; there’s no worse feeling than sitting home by yourself Christmas Day. We help prevent that.”