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“We are proud of making the Firefighter Charities a more visible group.”

It’s hard to talk about one of the Carnochan brothers without the other. Firefighters both, they come by their willingness to serve honestly. Father Terry was a firefighter for many years, ending up on the Suncor team and their mother was the Community Relations Adviser for Suncor. They are both a delight to talk to and the only thing you can’t get them to talk about is the events of last May. Like most who have served in any capacity, they are reluctant to try to take any partial credit for the work that the first responders did in 2016.

Unusually for brothers, they seem to get along with each other. They kid around a bit, but there is a sense of seriousness about them that no amount of fraternal teasing hides. Currently both acting Fire Captains within the RMWB Fire Department, they are very involved in the Friends of the Fort McMurray Firefighters Charities. They joined in 2012 and have been with them ever since. Their fundraising events have been fun (the calendar, the rooftop campout and the whiskey auction among others) but the money they raise goes to serious places. The Firefighters support Waypoints, the Food Bank, The Centre of Hope, The Boys and Girls Club, the SPCA, Muscular Dystrophy Canada and Team Canada’s Powerchair Soccer.

And don’t forget they save lives for a living. So all in all they’re pretty good people to have in the community. Tyler, the older by a bit less than two years, was born in B.C.; Ryan in YMM. Since then they’ve been on duty here, helping, along with the rest of the Fire Department, to keep us safe. And finding all kinds of fun ways to raise money for the community.