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“The best things about Fort McMurray are the people and the energy of the city.”

If Reese Stanley doesn’t become an actor, there will be a lot of surprised people in YMM. She hasn’t left school yet, but it seems as if she’s been in more plays than Samuel L. Jackson has movies. She celebrated her 12th birthday rehearsing Molly in Dicken’s Christmas Carol, played Gavroche in Les Miserables, and Iago in Aladdin, as well as parts in Footloose and the Little Mermaid. Just recently she was nominated for a Buffy, the local excellence in Arts Awards. Reese also finds time to volunteer at the local food bank, and last year found herself as one of the most experienced members of the cast of The Other Side Of The Pole. She’s 15.

A student at Holy Trinity High, Reese first got the acting bug in school performances at St. Anne’s School. Currently rehearsing the one act play Hopesong at school, Reese also has an interest in cosmetology, which may in turn lead to a makeup job one day. In the theatre, almost certainly.

When we asked Reese what she liked most about YMM she said, “I love the people and the energy.” She has certainly tapped into that.