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“I am most proud of the Wood Buffalo Recovery Loan Program (CFWB). It will make a big impact on the recovery from the wildfire.”

It is a common conversation in YMM that there is a need for diversification in the business world. Matthew recognized that soon after he arrived nine years ago.

An accountant by profession, he came to Fort McMurray, and like so many others recognized the opportunities that were available. He left the company he was working for and started out on his own. Today his company advises businesses on a wide range of financial and accounting matters. Most of his clients are either professionals like himself - doctors, lawyers, vets and dentists, or small to medium-sized companies.

Allied to this, Matthew’s strong sense of community spirit has moved him towards helping where his skills fit best. He has worked with the CPA Institute of Alberta, specifically as a mentor to CPA students, and has served on the board of Keyano College, and as the treasurer of the local Chamber of Commerce.

However, it is his work with Community Futures Wood Buffalo that has been the most synergistic with his own career. CFWB helps start-ups and small businesses with a wide range of business services designed to help them succeed. They also run a number of specialized business programs, organize exciting business events and actively work with community and business leaders to foster rural economic growth.

It’s a perfect fit for Matthew’s specific skills as a Chartered Accountant. His own interests and business skills make him a unique fit for the position. As an entrepreneur himself, he is able to recognize the pitfalls new business people face, and can, with the help of the board and staff at Community Futures, help them to overcome such obstacles and have a better chance of success. He is also proud of the tools that are available to businesses, especially the Wood Buffalo Recovery Loan Partnership Program.

“I think that this, more than anything else we have to offer, is going to make a big impact in the continuing recovery from the wildfire,” said Matthew. “If you want to know more, go to”


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