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“The diversity and the activities that are available to young families are the best things about Fort McMurray.”

Les is a volunteer at heart. In his day job at Keyano College where he teaches students on the simulator how to drive the big mine trucks, there is no time limit. Les will stay at his job until the students are happy they’ve learned what they’re supposed to. Les has been here for nearly seven years now. His previous job was in Kandahar, working as a contractor for the Canadian Military as a safety supervisor, and he is originally from St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Les teaches respect. “You need to respect the road, respect the conditions, and respect your surroundings.” What he doesn’t say is that part of what he is teaching is also self-respect. This was recognized by his work at Keyano College when he was given a President’s Excellence Award. In addition, Les has been involved with the Road Safety Committee and volunteers at the MGA working the kids’ programs as well as being the unofficial sound engineer for the church.

“I love the diversity here, and that it’s such a safe place to raise a family. To that end Les also volunteers with Safe Community Wood Buffalo, Their mission is to make YMM the safest place in Canada to live, learn, work and play.

To be safe and healthy in everything to do with the community, SCWB works at Education and awareness, the Support of injury prevention initiatives, and an advocacy for effective policies and programs. “It involves safety in all forms, and teaching about safety, two of my strengths.” To that, we would add that one of Les’s other strengths is that he is just such an all-around good guy.