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“The people and strong community are the best things about Fort McMurray!”

Their business plan was scratched out on a piece of paper while they both worked at Earls. Later they became friends and business partners, and now they are the owners of Drop Dead Darlings, the clothing boutique that evolved from the fact there was nowhere for them to shop. It’s not just luck though. These two stylish women came together with skills that complemented each other. Julie has a background in business and was also a jewellery wholesaler, so she knew a lot more about the ordering side and working the trade shows, and she does a lot of the pricing. I take care of the promotions, and the photography. I create all the ads and the signs in the store - anything that’s visual. Both of them have lived in Europe, and that is reflected in their style, once again complementary but different.

It’s not all about fashion. They have also supported the Northern Lights Health Foundation marketplace vendor program, as well as other charities in the region such as Waypoints and the SPCA.

Beauty runs strong in their veins. When we asked Julie what she would most like to fix in YMM, she said, “I’d love to replace all the leaves on the trees that were burnt in the fire.” Dorcas see the beauty in what they have achieved. “I am proud about starting a successful women’s clothing boutique with my business partner Julie. We started it from scratch in a garage in Abasand. I love knowing that we have provided jobs in our community as well as fashionable clothing for the women here.”

Dorcas and Julie are entrepreneurs who found their mojo in Fort McMurray. Here’s hoping it, and they, stay.