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“I am most proud of helping families get back into their homes. That is probably the most rewarding accomplishments I’ve ever done.”

Think of how busy you’ve been, then think of the busiest job in the community. A show-biz has-been jumping to conclusions? Close. The ticket and tow guy during winter maintenance? Closer. How about the man in charge of building permits in YMM in 2016.

That would be Jamie.

He doesn’t recall it as being stressful. He remembers urging his staff to be sensitive to trauma and as calm as possible. It mostly worked. Frustrations did boil over on occasion but the staff of the RMWB, some of whom were in the same situation as their customers, tried to make the paperwork go as well as possible, and offered any and all advice that they could. Jamie rates it as his most important accomplishment. “Helping people get back into their homes, especially just after the return; that was very important work we did.”

Jamie has been here since 2005. Originally from Cape Breton, he experienced the surge of planning and development that the fueled the growth of the community and learned in the most dynamic growth sport any town has had in the last 40 years. Along the way he has also volunteered at the SPCA, the Christmas parade, food drives and community clean ups. It seems as if he tries to make a difference without being noticed, but his work hand in hand with the Red Cross during 2016 finally drove him to the forefront of the community.

In his spare time Jamie does Crossfit, a peculiar kind of training that is arduous and tortured to normal people. As with everything else, Jamie just takes it in his stride. Always busy, never stressed.