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“I love the way our town comes together in times of need, whether it’s one of our own, or another community.”

James Whaley is an enigma. He has a graveled voice that makes Tom Waits sound like a soprano, is the size of a CFL linebacker, and when asked why he thinks he was nominated to this list, said “Beats the hell outta’ me.”

It’s not false modesty. James is on the cusp of an exciting new trend in fast-moving consumer business, selective customer service. But he didn’t read about it, or learn it in school. He did what most entrepreneurs do, he recognized a need and he filled it.

If you haven’t heard of his business, Bulldog Delivery, you soon will. Like many of us, he was sitting at home, wishing he could grab his phone and ask someone to deliver a Big Mac and a six-pack of beer. There was no one of course, so James saw the opportunity, and the rest, as they say, is history.

More than anyone else on this list, James embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship that this community needs. After studying business at Keyano and working in the catering and services businesses in Fort McMurray, he’s hoping that his business growth will continue as he finds new services to add.

Bulldog Delivery has become a cult in the town. It’s a simple concept. You decide what you want, look at Bulldog’s website where the charges are clearly laid out, and then phone them up. Pretty soon they arrive with your pizza, your groceries, your champagne, your newspaper or any combination of the above.

Business for now is mostly fast food and drink, but there is room for expansion. If you can buy it in town, James will get it to you.

James was born in Toronto, but moved here at less than a year old and is a fully-fledged YMM-er. As to why Bulldog Delivery? “I named it in memory of my French bulldog, but I couldn’t use his given name. We called him Havoc, and that’s not really a good image for an ordered and efficient delivery company!”