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Dylan Thomas-Bouchier

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“Acting is the thing I love. I bring so much passion and effort to every production or project I am a part of.”

You can look Dylan up on the IMDB, the database that lists all the actors, directors and producers of every blockbuster ever made. He’s listed as part of the cast of Nerdvana, and he had a pivotal role in The Good Survivor. He’s also been in Homecoming, Les Miserables, Footloose, A Rope Against the Sun, I Never Saw Another Butterfly, and other plays at school and in the community.

He hopes one day to make a living as an actor. That is a tough task. Like making a living as a writer or an artist, it’s a noble idea, but a difficult task. But Dylan has that look about him that says he might succeed. “Acting is the thing I love, I bring so much passion and effort to every production or project I am a part of.”

Dylan is YMM born and bred, and in addition to his acting chops, he has also worked as a crew member on other Keyano productions, learning the business from the inside out.

One thing he’s never needed to learn though is how to sing. Discovered one karaoke evening, the applause encouraged him to audition for Les Mis at Keyano, and that was, as they say, his big break. All right, he’s not starring next Brad Pitt (yet), but he has become a part of the greater YMM acting community and his skills are well known now. Dylan was marked by his successes even as far back as 2012 when the Regional Aboriginal Recognition Association gave him a Junior Achievement Award.

It actually goes back even farther. His mother was watching Death of a Salesman, his dad was on the stage when she went into labour with Dylan. You could say acting’s in his blood, but it’s deeper than that. Acting is in his soul.