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“Diversity is the best thing about Fort McMurray!”

Most of the people on this list have been in Fort McMurray for some time. They’ve taken a while to find their niche and to settle into doing their ‘something’ that got them attached to this list. Dylan, on the other hand, hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped since he got here less than four years ago. Originally from Halifax, Dylan’s work in football has translated to his mentoring at-risk youth through Some Other Solutions. Dylan’s role as a Child & Youth Mentor has centred round working with student athletes of Wood Buffalo. From his work as a football coach, Dylan is able to work with his youth outside the traditional classroom setting.

“A lot of the mentoring process is about building a relationship based on trust – coaching football helps build that foundation.”

Dylan is also a founder of Northern Elite Football, which is a coaching school that runs programs and camps to maximize the potential of football players in Fort McMurray. He’s also the President of the Fort McMurray Ravens Club and plays for the Fort McMurray Monarchs. His most important work, however, is the stuff he can’t talk about. Mentoring at-risk youth carries with it all the fragility of an ice sculpture in the Sahara. Dylan spends hours building trust between himself and the youngsters he works with. It’s a trust that, having taken so long to build, can be broken in a second, and he’s not prepared to risk that. Even when we ask him what he is most proud of, he doesn’t tell us the truth. “I am proud,” he says, “of what I have done for the football community in the city. I am proud of the kids who have accomplished their dreams, and I could be with them through every step.”

What he can’t tell us is how proud he is of his work at SOS, but we can! And we are incredibly proud to have a person like Dylan mentoring our youth.