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“I am most proud of being a woman who has excelled as a “serial entrepreneur” against all odds.”

Diana believes in seeing opportunities and running with them. More than that though, she seeks to inspire others while she is doing so. As she describes herself, “I play many roles in my life, none of which completely define me as a person. I’m a mom, a step-mom, a wife, a business owner, a photographer, a writer, a realtor.” Diana is the publisher of snapd, the monthly colour periodical that celebrates all that’s great and good in the community. It’s a record of all that has happened, told many in pictures, and a collection of them is almost a history of the community.

And she also runs Noble Service Inc., a process serving company that began when Diana saw the opportunity to do work better than it was being done before. Oh and then there is Seller Direct, her real estate company. Did we mention that her baby is less than five-months-old? You’d be forgiven for thinking Diana doesn’t need sleep.

This list honours exceptional people. Some are involved in social profits, others spread the word about the great and the good that YMM has to offer. Then there are the ones who grab their chances by the scruff of the neck. Diana’s incredible drive has created jobs, added to the value of the community and shown others that Fort McMurray is indeed the land of opportunity. In addition to all of the above, Diana volunteers as a business adviser on the Junior Achievement of Northern Alberta & NWT and is a Director of the Chamber of Commerce. So we’re fairly sure she does survive without sleep.