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“I am most proud of becoming a leader in the arts.”

If you’d seen her on the Keyano stage playing Sally Bowles in Cabaret, doing so better than almost anyone since Minelli, well that would be enough reason for Diana Moser to be on this list. She sings, she dances, she has directed plays and dinner theatre, and she has acted in, among other shows: A Few Good Men, Les Miserables, Spoon River Anthology and Run for Your Wife. It’s an impressive body of work, good enough for that alone to make her stand out in the community. Then there’s her voice, which can tear you apart; breaking with the fragility of Liza’s portrayal of Bowles, or belting numbers to the ceiling like Minnelli’s mother Judy Garland.

Diana came here from Hamilton to work at the Oil Sands Discovery Centre and immediately discovered the rampant arts scene in town. Today, she works for the Arts Council of Wood Buffalo. As the Programs and Partnerships Manager, Diana is the driving force behind the Buffys, the Wood Buffalo Excellence in Arts Awards. When asked what her biggest accomplishment is, to-date anyway, she said, “Becoming a leader in the arts - I can affect meaningful change and build opportunities now and although that’s terrifying, it’s also exciting. I want to keep working towards that and living up to the responsibility.”

Her life has always seemed geared towards a career in the arts. Apart from her natural talent and her work at the Arts Council, Diana is also the Program Director of Theatre; Just Because and has worked in museums, university departments and acting ensembles across North America. It is all these facets to her life and the many parts of the arts world that she touches and indeed helps to shape that makes Diana such a worthy member of the YMM Top 50 Under 50 Club.