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“The best thing about Fort McMurray is the people in it. The city itself has continued to grow, but the people in the community have remained the same.”

It’s actually difficult to write about what Kevin and Danylle have given to baseball in this community. The short, true answer, is everything, but that doesn’t fill space in a magazine.

Kevin is the president of the Fort McMurray Minor Baseball Association (FMMBA), as well as coach, builder, chief cheerleader, and baseball motivator supreme. Danylle does all of the above except without the job titles, and they are definitely a team.

When Kevin talks about his work with the FMMBA, he uses the word “we” all the time. When asked what they are trying to achieve, he says, “Together we’re working on building a program that all our members can be proud of, as well as one that creates opportunities for its players to pursue whatever it is they want. That goal may never be completely accomplished but as long as we continue to work towards it than we can be proud of.”

The true reward for their hard work came in 2016 when the Baseball Canada Cup was played in YMM. The tournament, which brings together Canada’s Top Under 17s is the top rank of ball they can play before they are eligible for the draft. Quite a few Major Leaguers have made their way through this tournament over the years, and for Danylle, Kevin and the FMMBA it was a fitting reward for all their hard work.