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“The best things about Fort McMurray are the amazing cultural diversity, small-town feel in the city, and the engaged and committed community members and organizations.”

The first thing anyone notices about Chandra Flett is her laugh. It is infectious and marks her as someone who loves life. It’s also not the image a lawyer generally generates. But Chandra is more than just a lawyer. Flett Manning Moore, her law firm, are the lawyers everyone wants lawyers to be. They sponsor art openings and volunteer for the Food Bank, Big Brothers and the Write Break Program. Chandra was nominated for a Heart of Wood Buffalo Award, and has volunteered for Some Other Solutions and the Food Bank as Chair and Deputy Chair respectively. Did we mention she has three children and still has time for volleyball and yoga?

Chandra is from Hines Creek, current population 346, so she knows the feel of a small town. Fort McMurray has the same feeling for her and it makes her job so much better. “I love the feeling of having truly helped someone,” she said.

Chandra is also co-president of the Fort McMurray Bar Association. In addition she volunteers down at the Heritage Society and the annual Law Day, and facilitates the Parenting After Separation course. And when we asked her what was the best thing about Fort McMurray, she told us, “There are too many, the amazing cultural diversity, the small town feel in the city, and most importantly the engaged and committed community members and organizations.”

And if that doesn’t impress you, how’s this for energy? Chandra says she still has a lengthy “bucket list” that includes learning to surf, returning to university for another degree, and travelling to Australia. “There are so many things and experiences I still want to do in my life.”