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Amanda & Chad Gergely

Amanda - Profession: Acupuncturist, Doula, Athletic Trainer • Age: 33 • Years in Wood Buffalo: 9

Chad - Profession: Starter • Age: 33 • Years in Wood Buffalo: 9

Power couple status: Chad & Amanda Gergely have been named one of YMM’s Power Couples because of their drive and vision. Together they founded Higher Health Doula - which has branched out into Higher Health Doula Cooperation, Higher Health Yoga and Wellness, and Higher Health Clinic. Together they are committed to the health and wellness of our region, and have become very adept at recognizing needs within the community, and meeting them.

Solving problems by creating business

33-year-old Chad Gergely began his life as an entrepreneur at the age of 23. He arrived in Fort McMurray nine years ago, and founded our region’s first commercial yoga studio, and what is now the largest massage therapy, and largest acupuncture clinic in Fort McMurray.

He is also the founder of Fort McMurray’s largest doula cooperative for mothers-to-be, and has partnered with Diane Angelopoulos, a local Nurse Practitioner, to start Higher Health Pregnancy Care - a program for expectant mothers where a nurse practitioner visits the clients’ homes for regular checkups.

In his free time, Chad is an ATB Financial Leaders Give Back Food Bank volunteer, and also does aerial photography for the Northern Elite Football Camp as a drone pilot. A self-proclaimed audiophile, Chad is also a home theatre enthusiast.

When talking about his favourite thing about living in Wood Buffalo, it’s the young age of the community that gets him excited. The openness to trying new things, and accepting of new ideas makes it a great environment for new businesses to start up.

Chad’s strong entrepreneurial spirit, and ability to identify and meet the needs of our community is what makes him a perfect part of YMM’s Top 50 Under 50.

A student of change

Amanda Gergely, 33, is co-founder of Higher Health Acupuncture & Massage Therapy, and as a registered acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, massage therapist and doula. She is also an athletic trainer and life coach who has won AFL and CMFL championships with the Monarchs Football Club.

Nominated as both McMurray Girl Magazine, and the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce for Female Entrepreneur of the Year awards, Amanda also volunteers with ATB Leaders Give Back, Monarchs Football Club, Northern Elite Football Camp, and high school football as an athletic trainer.

When not working or volunteering her time, Amanda loves to run, read, practice yoga, and learn something new. She loves the friends in Fort McMurray, and the community itself.

IN AMANDA'S OWN WORDS: “I love the opportunity that Fort McMurray offers to anyone who has a dream, and the drive to achieve it.”

IN CHAD'S OWN WORDS: “Don’t start a business. Find a problem, solve the problem – the business comes second. Some of the most successful businesses ever created were created by people just looking to solve a problem.”