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Profession: Executive Director, The Hub Family Resource Centre
Age: 33 • Years in Wood Buffalo: 5

Her commitment to the community is only overshadowed by her commitment to her family.

Originally from Newfoundland, 33-year-old Chantal Beaver attended university and began her career in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Throughout her university experience, she became unpredictably excited about governance and social programming. Her first endeavours in these interests were as President of the Mount Saint Vincent University Students Union, and Student Representative of the University Board of Directors and Senate. She graduated from Mount Saint Vincent in 2004 with a Bachelor’s degree focusing on Family Studies and Gerontology. In 2007 she received her Graduate Degree in Family Studies, and was received the President’s Award for Commitment to the University.

In late 2011/early 2012, Chantal began her role as Executive Director at The Hub Family Resource Centre which was a natural fit to her experience, aptitudes, and education.

As time went on, Chantal began to learn more about the social fabric of our community, and began to actively engage in activities that could strengthen it. She has been particularly active with the Fort McMurray Early Years Coalition, serving as Chair for three years. She has also represented the region on the Provincial Parent Link Network.

Chantal actively participates on the Convergence YMM Advisory Committee, and in 2016, chaired the advisory group’s subgroup formed to organize a series of community conversations emphasizing the message of community and sector resilience. Chantal also sits on the Family Violence and Bullying Council, and co-chairs the Social Recovery Task.

Chantal is blessed with an incredible husband, and two amazing children, Jack and Charlie. Learning and growing with her children drives her to participate in and elevate her community, especially the early learning sector. In her free time she enjoys reading, volunteer work, and photography.

Because of Chantal’s commitment to providing support of children, parents and caregivers, and our community overall, Chantal is a perfect addition to the list of YMM’s Top 50 Under 50.

IN HER OWN WORDS: “Fort McMurray is a community like no other. A community filled with hope, opportunity and excitement.”