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Profession: Program and Promotions Director, Country 93.3 and 97.9 ROCK
Age: 47 • Years in Wood Buffalo: 3.5

John has numerous awards and even an honorary degree from his alma mater, but the awards and accomplishments of his team mean by far the most to John.

47-year-old John Knox attended the New England School of Communications at Husson College, in Bangor, Maine. Taking a detour in the information technology sector, John worked several positions in New Brunswick, before being selected by NBC Digital to lead their interactive sports team from their New York City offices in 1995.

After completing the first Olympics and Super Bowl websites, John then moved to Burbank to build the first ever website for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. John returned home to Canada in 2002, and to his first career love, broadcasting. Starting as Knox@Night in Moncton, he was later named Program Director for FRED FM in Fredericton in 2011, before being selected as Program & Promotions Director for Rogers Media in Fort McMurray in 2013.

As part of the radio stations, John, and his team, work hand-in-hand with virtually every social profit, non-profit, or for-profit organization in the Wood Buffalo region.

When reflecting on his favourite thing about living in Wood Buffalo, John believes that the remote nature of the community is one of the biggest strengths, as it encourages people to rely on one another. Watching the community pull together is something he believes to be unique to Wood Buffalo...something he never seen anywhere else he’s lived.

John enjoys socializing, wine, computers and tech toys when he’s not working, or volunteering his time with the team from the radio stations. He’s also a planner, subscribing to a philosophy that his father espoused on road trips: “It’s important to have a plan. With a plan, you can deviate from it, a helluva lot even, and still roughly know where you’re headed. Without a plan, you’re just driving around.”

Because of John’s humble nature, his role with the Country 93.3 and 97.9 ROCK teams and obviously strong leadership skills, he is a perfect addition to YMM’s Top 50 Under 50.

IN HIS OWN WORDS: “Like so many before, I moved to the RMWB with a three to five year plan in mind. Life has a way of changing your best-laid plans.”