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Profession: Radio Broadcaster
Age: 35 • Years in Wood Buffalo: 2.7

McMuffin Eating Champion - 2016

A graduate of Algonquin College Radio Broadcasting program, now 35-year-old Pete Potipcoe’s career took him to Ottawa, Brooks, and Fredericton, New Brunswick before landing him in Fort McMurray.

Known throughout Fort McMurray for speaking his mind and calling it like it is, Pete enjoys his truck, his motorcycle, and is thankful that in 2016, he has yet to appear before a judge about a speeding infraction.

Pete became a household name during the wildfire. His diligent updates during the wildfire were what kept people informed.

Pete volunteers his time with the United Way of Fort McMurray, the Wood Buffalo Food Bank, and the Fort McMurray SPCA. When it comes to hobbies, Pete is very big into sports bikes, car racing, and anything that has an engine that can move fast.

A McMuffin enthusiast, Pete has called Fort McMurray home for approximately 2.7 years, and lives with his girlfriend, Lauren, and their mini-dachshund, Oscar.

When asked what his favourite thing about living in Wood Buffalo is, Pete is quick to answer: The community. He has lived all over Canada, and this city is built up of the best, hard-working people from around Canada and beyond. He cannot say enough about the residents of this city.

Pete’s voice throughout the wildfire was a voice of compassion, reality and hope as together our community battled “The Beast” and all the implications. It was Pete and the team at Rogers Broadcasting that were our voice to the world as he worked tirelessly giving hundreds of media interviews throughout the world to ensure our story and our needs were heard. More importantly, it was a voice for the residents of our region desperately wanting any piece of factual information to help them make informed decisions for their families, themselves and businesses. This makes Pete a worthy recipient on our Top 50 under 50 list.

IN HIS OWN WORDS: “You get one shot at this life; do whatever makes you happy. Don’t worry about what people think, just do you. Also, play to win. Participation ribbons are for the weak.”