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Profession: General Manager, Canadian Tire & Canada’s Outdoor Store
Age: 45 • Years in Wood Buffalo: 5

Attitude is everything.

Rob Martin age 45 came to Fort McMurray five years ago, and is the General Manager of the main Canadian Tire store and their new Canada’s Outdoor Store.

Having lived in many places, Rob considers Fort McMurray to be the most welcoming community to newcomers. His family took to the community right away, and in the short time they have lived here, they have made many new friends.

Rob quickly became involved in volunteer work, becoming a passionate and dedicated board member of the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce a year after moving here. He is currently the Second Vice President and using his role on the Board to help further the interests of small business in Wood Buffalo. Rob’s passion is hockey and he and also volunteers countless hours of his time as a minor hockey coach.

Rob is Co-Chair of the Local Canadian Tire Jumpstart Chapter which provides funding assistance to get kids off the sidelines and into the game. Rob is the community leader at our local Canadian Tire and he has built their community-focused view of working to help not just their customers, but also so many of the social-profit organizations in town. His leadership can be seen at all levels of the business and he is an extraordinary leader who deeply cares for and develops the skills and values of his team.

When Rob isn’t working or volunteering his time it’s all about family ,he loves spending time with his son, Noah and his wife of eleven years, Lilly (she says it feels like twelve). Rob still plays hockey himself, plays golf when he can find the time, and has a real passion for cars. These aren’t just activities for Rob, because again for him it’s the social interaction and all about relationships and community involvement.

Rob’s immediate and evident love for Fort McMurray and his passion for being involved and connected to the community are what make him a perfect member of YMM’s Top 50 Under 50.

IN HIS OWN WORDS: “My Dad shared a poem call Attitudes by Charles Swindoll with me years ago and one quote from it has really stuck with me,‘I am convinced that life is 10 per cent what happens to me, and 90 per cent how I react to it.’”