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Profession: President, Fort McKay Métis
Age: 37 • Years in Wood Buffalo: 22

A great leader who loves his community, and works hard to to ensure that his members are treated fairly and respectably.

37-year-old Ron Quintal has been President of Fort McKay Métis since 2005. This began as a volunteer position while he continued to work full-time for Shell Canada.

Since that time, Ron has grown as a leader in the community, taking a leave of absence from Shell Canada in 2009 to work full time for Fort McKay Métis.

Ron established the Fort McKay Métis Group Ltd., a social enterprise owned by the Métis community that has helped to fund community initiatives. He has also developed meaningful relationships with the First Nation, as well as other Métis communities in the region, as well as various levels of government, and companies. He has been invited to Edmonton and Ottawa to represent his community on a regional, provincial, and national level.

In his personal time, Ron volunteers with the Fort McKay Fire Department where he currently serves as Deputy Chief. He has captained this department to three provincial and one national Fire Games championships, through the Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada. Ron battled “The Beast” for seven days with his Fire Team. They saved Grayling Terrace on day one of the evacuation, as well as stood hand and hand with over 20 different departments during the defence of Fort McMurray during the wildfire.

Ron has been a key player in implementing a volunteer paintball venue in Fort McKay to provide recreational experiences for its youth and community members. He is an avid singer/songwriter, and loves to pass music on to his community and its youth. He strongly believes that communities need to be built from the ground up, and is always looking for different ways to help not only the Métis members, but all of its community members.

The connection of the Métis communities, and the similarities between them is Ron’s favourite thing about Wood Buffalo. He loves how this region can persevere through adversity time and time again, and how it can come together to bring positive change and enhance the quality of life of its residents.

Ron’s leadership skills and dedication to the Métis community and others is what makes him a perfect addition to YMM’s Top 50 Under 50.

IN HIS OWN WORDS: “I love spending time with my sons. They are a part of me, and a part of the future that I work toward every day.”