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          Give the Gift of Movies. Movie Lovers will thank you for
          tickets and treats to the movies at Landmark Cinemas this
          holiday season. Movie listings showcase new 2020 films,
          along with nostalgic flicks from the vault at valued prices.
          The Landmark Cast & Crew have been keeping up with
          the COVID-19 regulations and protocols to provide guests
          with safe and friendly services. The theatre also has seating
          options designed to space out audience members during the
          shows. Want to go tonight? Landmark Cinemas has movie   COLOR ME MINE
          deals and ongoing promotions weekly. For full details and
          information, visit                 Give the Gift of Creativity. Do
                                                                you have someone who loves to
          HOT ITEM: MOVIE 10-PACK                               paint on your Christmas shopping
          Give the ultimate gift card for the                   list, or maybe you’re the artist in the
          ultimate Movie Lover. It’s the rewarding,             family? Color Me Mine Pottery Painting invites everyone
          never expiring, card that gets you: 10x               to create their Christmas spirit this year by painting gifts,
          Admissions, 10 x 10% Off Concession,                  decor and keepsakes at Color Me Mine. The paint-
          easy to share options and it’s redeemable             your-own ceramics chain offers a unique experience to
          in-theatre or at                 cherish for years to come. Start a family tradition and
          Landmark Cinemas Movie 10-Pack: $124.99 plus          paint ornaments for each other to hang on your 2020
          tax. Purchase in-theatre at the Box Office or Concession.   tree or select holiday items for them to create in the
          Want to go tonight? Landmark Cinemas has movie deals and   studio.
          ongoing promotions weekly. Tickets for 2020 movies price at
          $14.99/Adult, $11.99/Senior and $10.99/Child.         HOT ITEM: PAINT AT YOUR PLACE PACKAGES
                                                                Color Me Mine offers a variety of ceramic packages
                                                                to allow its customers to paint in the comfort of their
                                                                homes. With free firing fees, you can shop online for the
                                                                ceramic you want to paint, and they take care of the rest.
                                                                Pick-up your items and bring them back from glazing
                                                                and firing at your convenience at no additional cost!
                  MORE SHOP LOCAL
                OPTIONS FOR THE GIFT OF                         Prices vary for each ceramic. View all available products
                                                                online at
              *Gift cards available at all locations.
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                   Book Time at Boston Pizza
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                    • Mr. E’s Solve-It-Torium YMM                                        Gift Guide
                      Rent the Table Top Game
                          • The Alley YMM
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                            Party Package

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