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        The team behind Your McMurray Magazine of Balsom Communications
        Inc. shares some of their favourite things the holiday season brings.

                          “My favourite YMM holiday event is… the               “My favourite holiday
                            Northern Lights Health Foundation’s                   tradition is...all of them. I
                             Festival of Trees. Even though this                   just love that my family
                              year looks a little different, nothing                knows that each year I will
                              gets me into the holiday spirit more.                 be baking the same sweet
                             It kicks off the season with the                      treats, preparing the same
                             most beautiful trees, fun activities                  festive feast and decorating
                            and the generosity of the seasons                     with the same special
                          at the forefront. Every year, the team                keepsakes as I have in the years
                      at Balsom Communications partners with                past. Christmas has always been a
        the Fort McMurray Heritage Society to enter a tree into the   magical time for me — a time when everything is steeped
        auction and this year, we’ve partnered with the Casman Group   in tradition.” — Kerri Johnson, Associate Publisher
        of Companies to put together Rustic Wilderness. (Learn more
        on Page 23.) It’s always fun to get out there and support great
        local organizations.” — Krista Balsom, President      “My favourite holiday tradition is…
                                                              sprinkling Magic Reindeer Food in
                          “My favourite YMM holiday activity   the front yard. Made with glitter to
                            is… volunteering for the various   help Santa find our house, and lots
                             fundraising events like the annual   of oats for the reindeer to eat while
                              Syncrude Food Drive for the Wood   Santa fills the stockings. I did this
                              Buffalo Food Bank and the Fort   as a child, andnd since then, I’ve
                             McMurray Santas Anonymous. I     carried on this Christmas Eve tradition
                             remember one year, I was writing   with my little cousins Ava, Grayson and
                            a story on the Santas at Father   Sophie, who are diligent in making sure Santa
                          Mercredi High School. I went earlier that   finds their house and that the reindeer have plenty to
                      day to interview the students and later took   munch on.” — Emma Carter, Accounts Representative
        out packages to residents throughout the community, so I got
        the full-day experience of seeing where it starts and where it          “My favourite holiday to-dos are…
        ends. When I stopped for the moment and just looked around                Christmas shopping in Fort
        the room to see the philanthropy in action, seeing how many                McMurray. I’m a Canadian Tire
        people donated and all the hard work and passion that went                  guy. I can find something for
        into making Christmas for the entire community, the positive                everyone there and it’s always
        energy from all those surroundings was ineffable.” — Dawn                   good quality. For other gifts, I go
        Booth, Editor-in-Chief                                                     for gift certificates.  Massages
                                                                                  and coffee cards are always a
        Christmas Memories from                                                 solid choice and my favourite YMM
        the Syne Ballroom                                                   holiday event is the Festival of Trees Ugly
        The Your McMurray                                     Christmas Sweater Party. I traditionally had 20 to 40 people
        Magazine team gathers                                 over at my place before for appys and Jell-O shots, and
        with friends at the Syne                              then we would head to MacIsland. It’s the best party of the
        Ballroom (aka Michael                                 season.” — Michael Jesso, News Consultant
        Jesso’s condo) before
        the 2019 Festival of                                  Connect with Us!
        Trees Ugly Christmas                                    Send your letters, feedback and news announcements
        Sweater Party on                                        to our Editor-in-Chief at Find Your
        November 15, 2019. Supplied photo                       McMurray Magazine on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.                                                              IN PARTNERSHIP WITH  5
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