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                           COMMUNITY COMING T OGETHER
                                            FOR CHRIS TMA S

                                                    By Dawn Booth

                             he Holiday Season of 2020 will be   Thank you also to this
                             different. Loved ones who travel into   edition’s presenting
                             our community for their annual visit   partner A.P.E.
                             may not have the opportunity to do   Maintenance Ltd.
                    Tso. We may not be able to gather for    Since 2007, A.P.E.
                    our favourite holiday events like we used to. We   has been one of
                    may also need to be more patient in line-ups   the most devoted
                    to practice safety protocols when we are out   corporate citizens by
                    shopping and supporting our local stores.   its active community
                      Regardless of the changes, the season   involvement and has made
                    will come, and we will find ways to celebrate.   numerous financial contributions to support
                    Our hardworking community is already doing   social profits and local initiatives.
                    everything they can to raise the Christmas   In the YMM Holiday Guide Special Digital
                    spirit by keeping things the same but justified.   Edition, you’ll find stories on these local
                    Thankfully, some of the most anticipated   initiatives and holiday events. We also have a
                    holiday events are still happening (and have   great list of places to shop locally and unique
                    already started as the Northern Lights Health   gifts to buy from some of Fort McMurray’s
                    Foundation’s Festival of Trees began on   favourite home-based businesses.
                    November 14). We will also have the opportunity   For those of you who are missing their loved
                    to go to the Regional Municipality of Wood   ones this year, whether they are in another city
                    Buffalo’s Santa Claus parade (in reverse mode),   or have passed away, may your family traditions
                    and the Peter Pond Mall will be bringing St. Nick   keep them present. Baking can help, as I learned
                    to capture your traditional photos.      while writing our Cooking with Memories
                      I have faith in our holiday outcomes. After all,   story found on page 34. Inspired by the late-
                    we (the residents of the Wood Buffalo region)   Frances Jean’s cookbook, the feature has some
                    are professionals when it comes to adapting to   Christmas-themed recipes to bring into your
                    change. Yes, maybe not by choice, but we have   kitchen to create baking memories with your
                    proved we can handle anything that comes   family and friends.
                    our way by coming together. It’s why we will   New to our Holiday Guide edition, you’ll find
                    continue to donate to the Northern Lights Health   YMM Parent’s Christmas Special. It’s a way for
                    Foundation and the Wood Buffalo Food Bank.   us to collaborate both of Balsom Communication
                    We do what we can when we can by volunteering  Inc.’s publications into one setting - think of it as
                    and raising awareness for the causes that need   the Christmas kids’ table, full of fun activities and
                    extra support. It’s why we continue to support our  contests for children to enjoy.
                    local stores and services. We understand many   We hope this edition is a reminder of every-
                    remain in recovery from the spring flood during   thing worth celebrating this Christmas season.
                    this holiday season, and we will be there in line-  From all of us at Your McMurray Magazine and
                    ups when they open their doors once again.   YMM Parent, we wish you a Merry Christmas and
                      I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our   send all the best for our region’s future in 2021.
                    clients and partners who trust in our platforms
                    to share their messages and advertisement   Dawn Booth
                    announcements. With their support, we are able   Editor-in-Chief
                    to share the stories of our region and its people.

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