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        A R O U N D  T H E  C A L E N D A R

        By Kiran Malik-Khan, YMM Contributor

           n a year where finding joy has oftentimes   ORTHODOX CHRISTMAS       VAISAKHI
           become a chore, the holidays welcome   Orthodox Christmas celebrates   The Sikh festival of Vaisakhi or
           anticipation. Shopping for gifts, being with   the birth of Christ on January 7 by   Baisakhi happened on April 13,
           family (yes, while being safe in a COVID   Orthodox Christians. It is observed   2020. It is one of the most impor-
       Iworld), and looking forward to some   in accordance with the Julian calendar,   tant holidays of the Sikh calendar and
        needed downtime – are pretty much universal   which pre-dates the Gregorian calendar.  marks the start of the Punjabi New Year. Punjab
        themes of the season. The Holiday Around                                is the northern province in India, which is home
        the Calendar will take you around the world   EASTER                    to Sikhs. Like many festivals, Vaisakhi, too, is a
        for major events – some already celebrated   Next year Easter falls on April 4,   time to be with family and friends.
        locally, some on the way.           2021. It is a festival and holiday
                                            commemorating the resurrection of   EID
        CHRISTMAS                           Jesus from the dead.                Celebrated by Muslims around the
        Speaking of which, Christmas                                            world, Eid-ul-Fitar was celebrated
        celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ   THANKSGIVING                     on May 12 and Eid-ul-Adha was held
        on December 25, and it’s around     Just wrapped up in October of this   on July 19. Both festivals are three-
        the corner, and as aforementioned   year, Thanksgiving is the ultimate   day Islamic holidays, and a time of giving,
        anticipated around the world. Whether you are   Canadian holiday, which brings   praying and rejoicing with family and friends.
        a last-minute shopper or done in October – this   families and friends together. And,   Eid-ul-Fitar marks the end of the holy month
        time of giving brings out the best in all of us.   is celebrated earlier by Canadians – our   of Ramadan, and Eid-ul-Adha marks the end of
        Also, charity is at an all-time rise during the   neighbours in the United States celebrate it in   Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca.
        season. According to Statistics Canada, $9.6   November.
        billion were claimed in donations to charities by                       Kiran Malik-Khan is a freelance journalist
        Canadian tax filers in 2019. So, it’s time to be   HANNUKAH             and a regular contributor for Your McMurray
        holly and jolly for family, friends, and everyone.  Happy Hannukah to our Jewish   Magazine and YMM Parent featuring stories
                                            readers. The eight-day festival, one   on the community, human interest and
        KWANZAA                             of the major ones of Judaism, began   multiculturalism.
        Kwanzaa begins on December 26       on December 10 this year and ends on
        and ends on January 1, 2021. It is   December 18. It is also known as the Festival   MAJOR HOLIDAY DATES IN 2021*
        celebrated by African Americans     of Lights. It commemorates “an early victory   •  Easter: April 4, 2021
        around the world and is a time to   in the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid   •  Eid ul Fitar: May 13, 2021
        commemorate the history and culture of Black   Empire: the recapture of Jerusalem in the year   •  Eid ul Adha: July 20, 2021
        families and communities. The first Kwanzaa   164 BCE and subsequent rededication of the   •  Thanksgiving:
        was celebrated in 1966 in North America. The   Second Temple.”            — Canada - October 11, 2021
        word Kwanzaa comes from the Ki-Swahili lan-                               — America - November 25, 2021
        guage, spoken in East and Central Africa, and   DIWALI                  •  Hannukah: November 28-December 6, 2021
        means “first fruits.”               The biggest of all Hindu holidays -   •  Diwali: November 4, 2021
                                            Diwali or Deepawali is the festival   •  Vaisakhi: April 14, 2021
        NEW YEAR’S DAY                      of lights. It was celebrated on     •  Christmas: December 25, 2021
        No matter how you celebrate it –    November 14, 2020. The five-day festival   •  Kwanzaa: December 26, 2021
        New Year’s Day is a fresh start. Are   symbolizes the victory of good over evil. While   •  New Year’s Day: January 1, 2021
        you going to the gym or wanting to   different regions of India celebrate it for differ-
        start that book or desire to be a bet-  ent reasons, the common theme is a time of   *Dates may vary. Source: Q++Studio
        ter you? New Year’s Day on January 1 is a day   festivities with family and friends.
        of resolutions. The question remains – are you
        still as resolute on January 20?                                                              IN PARTNERSHIP WITH PARTNERSHIP WITH  25
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