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         CATCH YOU ON
         THE REBOUND

        C J ’ S F O R T M c MUR R AY


                Wish List                                              By Curtis J. Phillips
                Wish List
                                                                       YMM Contributor

                 he year is 1982, and a guy   Quintin Sudom with University of   •  For MacDonald Island Park’s Syncrude
                 with the surname Trudeau,    Alberta Augustana Vikings; Ashton   Aquatic Centre to add diving, synchro-
                 the first name Pierre, is    Abel with Boston College; Nicholas   nized swimming, underwater hockey
                 Prime Minister of Canada.    Unruh at Dartmouth College and Ethan   and water polo programs.
        TE.T. Extra-Terrestrial is out of     Paulin-Hatch at Lindenwood Univer-  •  Lots of airtime for Olympian snow-
        this world at the movie theatres. Survi-  sity, to name just a few local hockey   boarder Brooke Voigt.
        vor’s hit song “Eye of The Tiger” enters   heroes.                      •  Pars, Eagles, Albatross and even
        the world of sports entertainment.  •  Plenty of the white stuff for Vista Ridge   Holes-in-One (which my wife Diane
          Catch You on the Rebound (CYOR)     Ski Hill’s Kevin Grogan and crew.   Phillips did this year) at Fort McMur-
        sends out its inaugural Fort McMurray   •  Rocks in the house for the Fort Mc-  ray’s... count em’… four golf courses.
        Sports Christmas Wish List. So, with   Murray Oilsands Curling Club.    •  Touchdowns aplenty for the Fort Mc-
        no ado, CYOR returns, sending out the   •  A “Downtown Freddy Brown” followed   Murray Monarchs Football Club.
        following stocking stuffers.          by a “BANGO” shout out to Keyano   •  Splish, splash, they are making a
                                              College Huskies as they continue    smash with continued records falling
        •  An Alberta Junior Hockey League    providing students/athletes with a   for the Fort McMurray Manta Swim
          (AJHL) title for head coach Gord    post-secondary education while par-  Club.
          Thibodeau and the Fort McMurray     ticipating in basketball, cheerleading,   •  Knights, Rooks, Queens, Bishops,
          Oil Barons followed by a return to the   cricket, futsal, soccer and volleyball.   Ponds and Kings for the Fort McMur-
          Royal Bank Cup. It’s been 20 years   Keep an eye out for new sports like   ray Chess Club.
          since we were No. 1 from coast-to-  E-sports being added and hockey   •  Continued international recognition
          coast-to-coast.                     returning.                          for Gretzky memorabilia expert Shawn
        •  The umpire shouting out: “Play Ball,”   •  Sharp blades for the Noralta Figure   Chaulk.
          for the summer of 2021 as Dutche    Skating Club.                     •  World class in marathons, mountain
          Iannetti showcases his grande smile   •  Continued running success for   running, snowshoe marathons, trail
          and the Fort McMurray Giants return   Jacques Saayman, former college   running, ultra-marathons and the list
          to Legacy Dodge Field and Western   champ.                              goes on, for Jason Loutitt to stay clean
          Canadian                          •  No bumps and bruises for Tar Sand   from an admitted meth addiction.
        •  Baseball League action.            Betties Roller Derby.             •  Waves and tricks for the twin water
        •  Victories for MMA sensation Teddy   •  Dance of the “Mighty Zulu Warrior”   skiing duo of Drew and Ellie Germain.
          Ash, who at 14-5-0 is the No. 1 ranked   for the Fort McMurray Knights Rugby   •   Homerun balls for the Fort McMurray
          Canadian pro Middleweight and Light   Club.                             Minor Baseball Association.
          Heavyweight.                      •  That the story of Fort McMurray-born   •  Fast tracks and winning bets for race
        •  Another steady season in net for   Shannon-Ogbani Abeda continues as   horse owners Danny Dion, Bob Vargo
          Sebastian Cossa in WHL play for the   he represented the State of Eritre at   and Norm Norm Castiglione.
          Edmonton Oil Kings.                 the last Winter Olympics placing 61st   •  Challenge Cup titles for all senior high
        •  Post-secondary hockey success to   in giant slalom.                    schools.
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