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        Krista Balsom
        Associate Publisher – Kerri Johnson           INSIDE…
        Editor-in-Chief – Dawn Booth
        Creative Director – Andrew Johnstone
        CFO/Accounts Manager – Pauline Kelley
        Accounts Representative – Emma Carter
        Ashley Catton
        Anthony Hoffman
        Micheal Jesso
        Mike Jones                                                                   IN PARTNERSHIP WITH
        Tanisha Kadia
        Curtis J. Phillips                            IN EVERY HOLIDAY ISSUE
        Kiran Malik-Khan
                                                      3     Letter from the Editor
        A Moment in Time Photography                  5     Message Board
        Emily Gale Photography
        Kristina Paukshtite from Pexels               6     Shop Local Gift Guide
        Payden MacDougall
        RBD Beauty Photography                        27    YMM Parent Christmas Special
        Thomas Hopkins Photography

                                                      11    The Making of Nitotem
                                                      13    Santa Claus is (still) coming to town
        To contact Your McMurray Magazine for         15    Enjoy the Urban Market All Year Round with LIAM
        editorial or any other inquiries, please
        contact our  Editor-in-Chief Dawn Booth       17    The Gift of Wellness
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        Balsom Communications Inc.                    LIFE & ARTS
                                                      18    Mike Jones’ Holiday Playlist
                                                      20    CJ’s Fort McMurray Christmas Wish List

                                                      22    Holiday Events in Wood Buffalo
        Proud winner of the 2013 Micro Business
        of the Year Award from the Fort McMurray      25    Holidays Around the Calendar
        Chamber of Commerce.
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