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But to add in the Metal God himself               Fairytale Of
        Lemmy and the always energetic Dave                 New York
        Grohl on drums makes this one of the cool-          BY ‘NO USE
        est threesomes ever assembled in rock and           FOR A NAME!’
        roll history.                                       Speaking of slightly-
                                                            more grim Celtic tunes,
                      Mistress                this 1987 Pogues classic got the punk-
                      for Christmas           rock treatment when No Use for a Name
                      AC/DC                   covered it in 1999. I’ve always loved this
                      After a brief live only sting   song as it tells a story and, who better to
                      with Axl Rose fronting the   be the narrator this go around than earnest
                      group, AC/DC reunited   storyteller Tony Sly. Sly, who sadly passed
        with Brian Johnson this year and released   away suddenly in 2012, enlists Cinder Block   Downsizing?
        a new album Power Up. It’s classic AC/DC,   from fellow punk group Tilt to take over the
        as many critics love to point out. But really   female role originally famously performed   Relocating?
        – would you need to change your sound   by Kirsty MacColl.
        when you’ve been pumping out hits since                                         Organizing?
        1973. Even in 1990, when grunge was the             A Christmas Duel
        “in” sound, AC/DC pumped out “Thunder-              BY THE HIVES AND
        struck.” From that same Razors Edge album,          CYNDI LAUPER              WE CAN HELP!
        the Aussie rockers added in a few jingle            I love nothing more than
        bells and lyrics like “I can hear you com-          an oddball pairing. On
        ing down my smokestack” to get into the             paper, this duo of early   FIRST MONTH FREE
        holiday spirit.                       2000s Swedish garage rockers mixed with     *Some conditions apply
                                              ‘80s pop princess Cyndi Lauper shouldn’t
                      The Season’s            have worked, but perhaps that’s why it   • Climate controlled
                      Upon Us                 does. The story tells of a couple at their   self storage
                      DROPKICK                wit’s end trying to get through one last   • Drive up access
                      MURPHYS                 Christmas together. The two go on to list   • Tenant Protection
                      Many Christmas carols set   off the various sins they committed on one   Coverage
                      unrealistic expectations   another in the past year, which includes   • Flexible contract terms
        for family gatherings. Excited sugar high   everything from infidelity to vandalism. It
        children don’t easily “nestle snugly,” and   seems more Mr. and Mrs. Smith than Mr.   FREE TRUCK USE
        they probably are dreaming of Playstations   and Mrs. Claus but then again, what a great
        rather than sugar plums. This song from   story!                                  WITH MOVE IN
        Boston Celtic-punks, the Dropkick Murphys,
        paints a more relatable picture of the insan-  Honourable Mentions:                 CHECK US OUT AT
        ity that unfolds when an entire family comes   • Nuttin’ For Christmas by Relient K  170 MACLENNAN CRESCENT
        together in the same room. From “wack job”   • Carol of the Beers by Reel Big Fish
        sisters to snowball pelting nephews and   • X-M@$ by Corey Taylor”
        even a miserable old dog, it’s easy to see   • You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch
        why the narrator is glad this day only comes   by Small Town Titans
        once a year.                          • Frosty the Snowman by Sleddogs                    MacKenzie Blvd
                                                                                                  MacKenzie Blvd
                                              • Don’t Shoot Me Santa by The Killers
                                              • This Christmas (I’ll Burn It                            MacKay Cres.
                                                                                                        MacKay Cres.
                                               To The Ground) by Set It Off                              Real Storage
                                                                                                         Real Storage
                                              • Christmas Day by MxPx                                      MacLennan Crescent
                                                                                                           MacLennan Crescent

                                                                                                   Airport Rd / Hwy 69
                                           Mike Jones is a music director for                      Airport Rd / Hwy 69
                                            Country 93.3 and a regular contributor
                                            for Your McMurray Magazine, featuring
                                            his top hit lists and stories on the local   587 601 1702
                                           music industry and event scene.

                                                                                      real storage. real easy.                                                              IN                 19
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