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                    A (Not So)


              Christmas Playlist

                                           By Mike Jones, YMM Contributor

                      is the season to freshen                O Come All Ye                     Oi To the World
                      up that Christmas Spotify               Faithful                          NO DOUBT
                      playlist! With all the                  BAD RELIGION                      Recently engaged
                      ‘new normal’ most likely                It may seem a bIt                 to Blake Shelton and
       ‘Taffecting everything                                 weird at first to hear            currently climbing
                                                                                                the Country charts
                                                              a band whose logo
        from Christmas concerts to staff parties –   is a crossed-out cross doing a hymn,   with the couples second duet “Happy
        we’re going to need all the help we can   but Bad Religion recorded several   Anywhere,” it’s easy to forget where
        get to get into the holiday spirit.     when they released Christmas Songs   Gwen Stefani came from. In the ’90s,
          There are two types of people in      back in 2013. Lead singer Greg Graf-  she was the fantasy of pretty much
        this world: those who, as soon as       fin’s monotone vocals combined with   every teenage boy as the reigning
                                                breakneck speed punk riffs make for a
                                                                                  heiress of Ska. You’ll be hard-pressed
        Remembrance Day is over, break out      track that will have even the grinchiest   to find a more positive, upbeat, dance-
        the tinsel and immediately listen to    nodding their head by the end.    able genre, and this two-tone classic
        Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas”                                 will have you skankin’ (it’s a dance-
        twenty-four times in a row. Then, there is            Heavy Metal         trust us) around the Christmas tree.
        the more cynical Christmas fan.                       Christmas
          Sure, they love spending time with                  TWISTED SISTER                    Run
                                                                                                Rudolph Run
        family and seeing Clark Griswald lose his             Depending on                      LEMMY,
                                                              your age and the
        mind, but they also heard every version               amount of spandex                 DAVE GROHL,
        of “Silent Night” and “Jingle Bells” under   in your closet; the ‘80s glam metal        BILLY GIBBONS
        the sun. This playlist is for the latter.   era is either remembered with fond          Taken from the
        Crank it loud, and you’ll have even the   memories or a shuddering cringe. If   excellent 2008 compilation “We Wish
        most cynical Krampus Decking the Halls   you’re in the former group, you’ll love   You A Metal Xmas and a Headbang-
                                                Twisted Sister’s take on the “12 Days
                                                                                  ing New Year,” this is a song that has
        and blowing the speakers.               of Christmas”. There’s not a partridge   been covered thousands of times over
                                                or a pear tree in sight, but outspoken   the years but never like this. From its
        Warning: Just like Bad Santa and Die    lead singer Dee Snider lists off some   Johnny B. Goode-esque opening riff
        Hard are more ‘adult’ Christmas movies   much-needed items for a hair metal   (first recorded by Chuck Berry) to the
        – not all these songs are family-friendly.   holiday like six cans of hairspray, three   blues riffing, this song is a natural fit for
        Yippie Ki Yay, Mister Falcon!           studded belts and (naturally) four   bearded ZZ Top wonder Billy Gibbons.
                                                quarts of Jack Daniels.

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