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            THE MAKING OF

        Nitotem                                                                  By Your McMurray Magazine

                             Introducing the Wood Buffalo Arctic Winter Games’ Mascot

                       hen the Wood Buffalo   in Fort McMurray, so when I heard that
                       2022 Arctic Winter   there was a mascot contest, I immedi-
                       Games committee      ately started drawing,” Antoine shared
                       announced an art     with Your McMurray Magazine.
        Wcontest to design their              “I like drawing animals, especially cats
        mascot for the upcoming sports competi-  and dogs,” Antoine shared. “I figured that
        tion, 12-year-old Sadie Antoine went to   my ability to draw either of them would
        her drawing board.                  help me with the drawing competition.”  ing competition, and it also signifies sup-
          The contest announcement came in    Antoine has a bright future in the arts   port for education, culture and commu-
        spring 2020, and because the mascot   community. In addition to creating art,   nity engagement initiatives. The program
        is “a champion of local sport, athletic   she’s also considering becoming a vet-  is a sponsored community engagement
        development and culture,” the region’s   erinarian or following a path into culinary   effort by A.P.E. Maintenance Ltd.
        young artists made it challenging for the   arts in her future.           According to the Committee, the
        competition judges to determine the of-  “Nitotem proudly represents the rich   Wood Buffalo 2022 Arctic Winter Games
        ficial one for the Games, which saw over   culture that makes up the Arctic Winter   bring people together from around the
        40 other artistic contest entries.  Games and our region. We’re thrilled   world. It will highlight the region and its
          Antoine’s mascot submission of Nito-  A.P.E. Maintenance Ltd., a local Indig-  culture through the spirit of sport to an
        tem the Lynx declared the winning title   enously owned company, has partnered   international audience and visitors.
        by the Games Mascot Committee, which   with the Mascot Program to help us   The Games planning for March 6 to
        is led by local volunteer co-chairs Dave   share Nitotem’s story and welcome the    March 12, 2022, is currently underway.
        Stearman and Nabil Malik. The name   Circumpolar North to Wood Buffalo,”   Those interested in volunteering for the
        Nitotem translates to “my friend” in the   said Kim Rizzi, Wood Buffalo 2022 Arctic   Wood Buffalo 2022 Arctic Winter Games
        Cree language.                      Winter Games General Manager.       can register with Gamescan online.
          She said working on her contest entry    “I am also very proud of the Mascot
        helped uplift her spirits and gave her   design Sadie created and how it was   Photo: The Wood Buffalo 2022 Arctic Winter
        something positive to put her focus on   brought to life by our dedicated team.   Games winning mascot designer, 12-year-old
                                                                                Sadie Antoine, with her art replica of Nitotem
        outside of distance learning and online   We look forward to seeing Nitotem at   the Lynx. Antoine claimed the winning title
        classes during the Pandemic school   events around the region sharing his   in July 2020. She named it Nitotem as it
        closure.                            excitement for the Games.”          translates to “my friend” in the Cree language.
          “There are not many art competitions   The Games Mascot Program will help   Photo supplied by the Wood Buffalo 2022
        or ways for (youth) to show artistic talent   highlight the importance of the upcom-  Arctic Winter Games                                                              IN PARTNERSHIP WITH  11
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